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Boom Boom by the Venga Boys gets drunk Brits hyped

2022.01.27 21:29 Trenzalore610 Boom Boom by the Venga Boys gets drunk Brits hyped

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2022.01.27 21:29 PuzzleheadedWave2318 Smart offers for smart people - Crypto mining equipment Winter SALE

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2022.01.27 21:29 ItsRingleader [Official] Catgirl Weekly Progress Report — 01–26–2022

Hey everybody! The Catgirl Team is here with some great new updates! We are making steady progress towards v2.0. We also have another system to share, our new Blockchain Indexer! Without further ado, let’s check out our progress!
Weekly Progress Report — 01–26–2022 The Artwork for S2 Rare Catgirls is complete, and we are halfway through the Epic Catgirls. UI Development for Staking (excluding integration) (100% complete) UI Development for Farming (excluding integration) (45% complete) Backend development for NFT Indexer (5% complete)
More details It’s a very exciting time for the team. We are making steady progress for our v2.0 release! If you didn’t know, v2.0 will include many new features such as NekoFuse, Staking, Farming, Blockchain Indexer, UI Tweaks, and more. Each new feature will allow for a more tight-knit ecosystem, meaning more use-cases for the token, and our NFTs!
The Artwork for Season Two (S2) is also coming along nicely, we look forward to previewing the new Catgirls in the next coming weeks. Staking UI is completed, the UI Integration will start shortly. Farming UI is coming along nicely. We are super passionate about the farming system and cannot wait for everybody to test it out. Check out some previews of the UI below! A bit of terminology for our readers (Skip ahead if not interested)
We often use certain developer terminology that may not be immediately clear to all readers. Please allow us to explain our terminology in more detail: UI Design is the phase directly after the planning phase. Our lead designer begins by brainstorming a layout, wireframing it, and then taking it to a design tool such as Adobe XD or Sketch.
UI Development is the process of coding the design in the web browser using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, the interface is not hooked up to the blockchain and user data is not stored anywhere permanently, UI Integration is where the blockchain and backend components get integrated into the design, UI integration is the final step before going live. Smart Contract Development is the development related to the blockchain, such as building the smart contract for Farming, NekoFuse, and more in the future. Backend Development is server-side development. Unlike smart contract development, it usually deals with our own APIs, databases, etc.
Hopefully, this was helpful for some of you! let’s continue the report: A new Blockchain Indexer Our new custom Blockchain Indexer is in the works and will be used to replace The Graph. During the initial release, The Graph was a viable solution, however, there were several limitations and delay issues. Our new indexer will create more flexibility in fetching custom attributes on-chain. The new indexer will be a core component of our current and upcoming features. Some advantages of building the indexer from scratch are: Faster sync time for on-chain operations such as: minting new NFTs, trading and transferring NFTs Better statistics for our Dapp More ways to filter your Catgirl NFTs Product Preview Farming in action! (WIP) ⚠️ Please be aware nothing shown is final and is subject to change. All previews are in early phases of development. All numbers and data are randomly generated. Farming UI development is looking great! Let’s take a sneak peek at it in action:
We appreciate you for taking the time to read this week's progress report! 🐱🐾 We will be showcasing a new Rare Catgirl ⭐️⭐️ for Season Two this week, so stay tuned!
Thank you, The Catgirl Team
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2022.01.27 21:29 Cartoon_Trash_ I’m trying to make tomato soup and this is my only pot…

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2022.01.27 21:29 meh_man557 [Fo4] an esp disappeared and i cant find the mod

for some reason im missing physicalunlocksalt.esp which i had few minutes ago and now i can access my save the game crashes every time i try to open my save
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2022.01.27 21:29 Konq3ror TIFU by smoking before recording a video for a job application

So i applied for a remote teaching job for an online high school that recently launched. There's a six step application process: 1- upload qualifications and fill in personal info 2- do a 20 min logic and comprehension test 3- video interview where you record your answers to 6 questions 4- test of your skills 5- live video interview 6- you get an offer
I'm at step 3, I was on the fifth question, "Tell us about an epic classroom fail you had and how you responded to the situation."
Before recording my answer, I smoked a cigarette that I didn't properly kill. So I record my answer and go to the next question. That's when I finally notice the smoke. So I kill the cigarette. Now I realise that there was probably smoke In the epic fail question. I go back, I can retake the recording so that's the video sent to the school. I went on to answer the remaining question. I doubt I'm getting that job now.
TL;DR: before recording a video for a job interview I snoked a cigarette that I didn't kill properly and the smoke photo bombed the video that got sent. There's no retakes.
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2022.01.27 21:29 TheRealDukeNukemRR Project Lemons™️ Xbox’s Trusted DayZ Network 🍋

[ 🛰️ ] 4 Servers ( Vanilla, Factions, Deathmatch & Realism+ )
[ 📻 ] Arma 3 Inspired Console Maps
[ 🔌 ] PlayStation Servers Coming Soon
[ 🔓 ] New Unused [ & Working ] Arma 2/3 Items ( Consumables, Weapons, Tools & Building Supplies )
[ 🚨 ] Killfeed/Stat Tracker
[ 🎯 ] Community/Cross-Server Events
[ 📜 ] No Rules ( 24/7 PvP & Raiding )
[ 🧭 ] Dynamic Zombie Population System ( Players Realistically Clear Out Towns Of Infected )
[ 🌎 ] Active Community
[ 🔍 ] Search "PL" In The Community Browser
Project Lemons is making strides in the DayZ console scene creating new and innovative experiences for players who wish to explore a modded environment well also staying true to the roots of vanilla/official DayZ.
Wanna learn more? Check out our Discord! http://plrealism.com/
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2022.01.27 21:29 Heyitscarlie19 Futmillionaire Review FIFA 22

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2022.01.27 21:29 Bricks_4_You I mean..... It is?

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2022.01.27 21:29 rcb3900 Why is my print this stringy?

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2022.01.27 21:29 gucci_slippers2_0 Anthony Farrer Los Angeles Timepiece Gentleman

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2022.01.27 21:29 AutoModerator Places to check for analysis updates

Places to check for analysis updates Here are places you can find most recent analysis and analysis posted in continuity threads.

TradingView: Trader holeyprofit — Trading Ideas & Charts — TradingView
You'll find long-term swing analysis here.

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You will find continuity posts here.

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You will find real time updates of new posts here and also some longer form stuff.

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/holeyprofit/
You can come and chat here. You'll also find various educational resources.

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You'll maybe find videos here. Videos will be posted less frequently.

These are the only outlets ran by the Holeyprofit team.
Any accounts on other websites (For example, Instagram, Telegram or WhatsApp) are not ran by or affiliated with us.
Any names that look similar on sites we use are not ran by us.
"HolyProfit" (With no 'e') is not us. Example below:
It is very common for scammers to duplicate something very close to a name aiming to trick people into thinking they're dealing with the original entity. We think we've seen a few examples of this already, and it's very likely to happen more if there is a substantial fall in the market and up-tick in awareness of our work.
If we have not linked to it here - We do not own it and are not involved in any way at all with it.
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2022.01.27 21:29 BurnerBurnerBurns20 Shaq on Joel Embiid: "Difference between him and his soft partner, he can take criticize without being a crybaby..you don't think I've been criticized by Stephen A? LA/NY media?..Other guy I don't respect him, I would get rid of him."

From todays' Inside the NBA on TNT. SHOTS!
Shaq on Joel Embiid: "Difference between him and his soft partner, he can take criticize without being a crybaby..you don't think I've been criticized by Stephen A? LA/NY media?..Other guy I don't respect him, I would get rid of him."
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2022.01.27 21:29 EaddyAcres Anyone else in the Carolinas and Virgina worried about the bird flu on the coast? Ive cut off free ranging allready and my big runs are getting tarped off this weekend. ps this is Flo

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2022.01.27 21:29 brathat1 Help with Orientation and Directional Terms

So I have been working on directional terms and imaginary anatomical planes. But I have been struggling with the use of Proximal and Distal. Why use Proximal and Distal instead of Superior and Inferior? What really is the difference? Sorry if this is a stupid question, just started doing anatomy and physiology. 😁😁
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2022.01.27 21:29 ctcarey10 Honey Thyme Pork Tenderloin

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2022.01.27 21:29 throwaway59384927 UPDATE: So it turns out when you have your union by the balls, their hands suddenly aren't tied.

Follow-up to this:
I managed to get a lawyer, and a meeting with a Senior union official and the Union's lawyer, and they were very cooperative. Apparently the highest levels of Leadership are aware of my case, and concerned about it.
My preferred course of action is to get the union to clean itself up from the inside, in good faith. It's more efficient that way. So after laying out the case against them in the starkest legal terms at the top of the meeting, I suggested that we take a collaborative approach to remedying the underlying issues, and gave them series of suggestions.
In response, they put together a list of actionable items, and told me that they would follow up with me within two weeks. I agreed to that, and told them that I'm willing to be patient and understanding, but that I would be riding herd on this, because the time for inaction and backburners is over.
I also made it clear that I intend to take this forward, and I have options to take this forward without their help. They made it clear that they would prefer to help, and I think that's a wise decision on their part. I can't get too much into what my Nuclear Option is here, but it isn't a class action suit; it's much more damaging, and it's specifically damaging to the Leadership rather than the Union itself. I did not name or threaten the Nuclear Option, because that would have been blackmail. But they have to know what it is.
We've come a long way from "all we can do is tell dispatch not to send you to [your rapist]."
I think I've stumbled into a rare opportunity to make some concrete positive change, and I'm going to try to do it justice, and take it as far as I can.
Thanks ladies, for all of the love and support. It helped immensely to feel like I could put the battle boots on and make this happen. This community is awesome.
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2022.01.27 21:29 skatecrimes Beechcraft C-12 enroute to Napa CA.

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2022.01.27 21:29 _CodyB Is there a generic Melatonin medication in Thailand that is cheaper than circadian?

I bought circadian last night and was quite surprised to be paying 600thb for a 15 pill pack. Are there any generic thai manufactured brands that are any cheaper?
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2022.01.27 21:29 FH_pro Antwerp vs Sint-Truiden, Belgium First Division A, 25-Jan-2022

Full Match | 720p | ESPN+ | English
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2022.01.27 21:29 locky526 P0420 code has appeared a few times. What can I do and am I able to use this product

Enthusiastic reader about everyone's cars issues on this forum.
So recently had a engine light appear. I do have a code reader. code is the PO420. The light must have reset itself but has came on again x3 when the tank is below half.
I was wondering if I can use this product https://www.repco.com.au/en/oils-fluids/additives/fuel-additives/penrite-pro-series-egr-catalytic-converter-cleaner-500ml-psecc0005/p/A5538142
I am based in Australia. Hyundai I30 2009 95000km Minor and full service routine.
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2022.01.27 21:29 EXPeaches Wooden fairy cottage | Minecraft speedbuild 🌸

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2022.01.27 21:29 pinkyponku Can you help me with Invite code please.

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2022.01.27 21:29 cremapandistelle This italian guy just appeared and made my day

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2022.01.27 21:29 ThrowawayAccount7744 Is she crushing on me or am I total idiot?

There’s this girl (18F) that I (18M) have grown to like over the last few months. We’ve spoken a few times over text and she was really sweet and thankful and so nice to talk to. I’ve only ever spoken to her once when she jumped into a conversation I was having with someone else though. I’d love to talk to her but we’re sat far from each other at the moment. There isn’t really time after our classes together to talk and I feel like it would be creepy to jump on her after class since I don’t know her well. One thing I did notice after class once was that she was sat giggling with her friend who sometimes talks to me and actually got us 3 working together on something a few months ago. I think the friend was trying to encourage her to do something just before I walked past but neither of them were looking at me so I really don’t know. I’ve also noticed her look in my general direction before but it might have been just how she was sat and faced. I’m really shy and awful at meeting new people so I would find it hard to approach her without knowing her well. I’ve also written a list of everything I could think of that were signs she’s interested.
Signs over text: - Initiated some conversations - Constantly uses :) - Helped each other with homework up until 2am - Overly thankful when I helped her, calling me a legend and things like that - She tried relating to me on leaving our work last minute. - She went to help me with something else I briefly brought up. - Dropped a few X’s, something she apologised for accidentally doing to another guy in an old class chat - Her replies are decently long, usually 2 messages before I respond - Almost always instantly replies - She uses emojis a lot, such as 😂🥺😭😫 - Uses extra characters so much - Types with capital letters sometimes - Went back to save my messages after our last conversation
The issue is these signs are a bunch of small things I don’t think there is anything that’s blatantly obvious she likes me. Some of them she also does with other people such as the haha and :)
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