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First competition

2022.01.27 21:21 papasmurf985 First competition

So I’m pretty new to CrossFit. Been on and off for about 2 years. I have my first competition this weekend. Wife and I are doing a coed scaled division. What are some tips, tricks or suggestions for before, during and after the comp? Any and all input would be appreciated.
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2022.01.27 21:21 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - Alberta premier ‘confident’ COVID-19 measures could be relaxed by end of March | Toronto Star

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2022.01.27 21:21 embrell how to stand up for brother

my little brother (m9) always pisses my dad off because hes 9 and autistic/anxiety, and my dad has a habit (ever since i was a kid) of flying off the fucking handle and screaming, yelling, threatening to hit, and spanking etc etc. he did it to me my entire childhood (i am m17) and it's really sickening to watch him do the same thing to my younger brother, because its clearly harming him in the same way its harmed me.
i want to tell him to stop, but everytime i shake so badly i cant say anything, and when i do say anything, he tells me to stop telling him how to parent his kids, im not a parent so i dont get an opinion, im being disrespectful, etc etc. my older brother (m22) ignores this, but im sure it effects him too.
im leaving for college in the fall and im terrified it'll get worse if im not here. also, my older brother is autistic as well, ("high functioning", if you want to put it that way. both of them) so this isnt his first rodeo with an autistic child, and i know its shitty behavior.
how do i reason with him to stop, or at the least protect my brother from this type of behavior?? i feel terrible that i keep letting it happen to him, hes just a kid yk
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2022.01.27 21:21 22443423 Got stoned and created a shilling platform with my friends

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2022.01.27 21:21 Lunarcito ¡ Ya tiene fecha de salida Aztech Forgotten Gods !

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2022.01.27 21:21 HydraCreate If I grind Duolingo over the summer, do you think I could get an A on a Spanish 2 Credit-By-Exam next year?

I really just wanna get my language credit out of the way and take classes I enjoy next year. Is it possible or should I just take the actual class?
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2022.01.27 21:21 gigantic_mosquito Something i wrote i few years back

Not all clouds have a silver lining. Some just lurk there, dark and black, Full of memories we never want back.
Not all stories get happy endings. Know where to look, and there you'll find A thousand stories of another kind.
Not all cries for help are answered. Some are hushed and shushed by the crowd, And some aren't meant to be cried out loud.
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2022.01.27 21:21 cle4nup Working out while MDing

I swim and Run alot during the week; I didn't know what started it, but I started taking mushroom capsules before my workouts. I realized that I feel a lot more intune with my body, and my technique and form is so much better and consistent.
I also dont drink coffee, but mding gives me a sense of less exerted effort during my workout. I also smile alot in the pool.
Mushrooms in general make me feel more connected to the world and almost gives me a primal instinct. It just feels good to move my body around, sometimes I'll start shadow boxing for a few minutes.
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2022.01.27 21:21 eldersveld Ever check the service advisories just for some light reading? Tonight, Astoria is screwed, some wanker is on the tracks at Steinway St, and it'll be slow going out of Flatbush.

Ever check the service advisories just for some light reading? Tonight, Astoria is screwed, some wanker is on the tracks at Steinway St, and it'll be slow going out of Flatbush. submitted by eldersveld to nycrail [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 21:21 ogthemanwhoiscool HELP!!! Bitcoin Core wallet not matching BlockChain.com

I have not kept up with Bitcoin or anything in the last 12 years.
I had done some mining back in the day about 13 years ago. It was pretty low end mining with a mid-range gaming system. I had moved and gotten married since then.
With the recent surge in BTC value last winter, my wife said that I needed to find my wallet. I did some digging and finally found it. I was very surprised to see more than the amount I thought! It said I had ~3.606 BTC!
With my surprise and joy, I decided to research what to do to get it to an exchange where I can convert it to money. After looking at what needed to be done, I decided to do a test transaction to my Coin Base wallet. I thought I typed in 0.01 BTC, but ended up typing 0.001. I know, this is not a huge amount, but what doesn't make sense is after the transfer, my wallet, according to BlockChain.com says that I have 0.35 less BTC! This got my heart pounding, my ears red....Did I just lose $13,000?!?!?
Here's the link to my wallet: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/13CYZ7fv5XiBnrxkibjFeB2b2SWWAoZrB3
My Bitcoin Core wallet shows 3.60577495 BTC remaining (which matches what I would expect to have remaining).

This is confusing and ..... and.... and....
I really don't want to know that I just lost money on a small test transfer.
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2022.01.27 21:21 thefuckmobile Interview tomorrow

I have an interview tomorrow for a customer service position. Can anyone tell me some about the position?
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2022.01.27 21:21 Able-Intention9178 Suggestions for 15thC man-at-arms harness?

Hi everyone, UK-based wannabe medieval reenactor here. Still in the process of putting together (or at least trying to put together) a harness for a man-at-arms of the late 15th century.
So the basic idea and overall look I was going for with my kit was a man-at-arms from between 1460-1470. Aside from the brigandine, I’m going with mostly “off the peg” pieces for now as that’s all I can afford, and I’m looking for some advice or suggestions on how I can improve the look on a budget.
I went for the pieces I already have so far because I wanted an Italian/English feel to it. More detailed description below (will try to keep this brief- also apologies for photo quality- things may look a bit odd because of the camera angle)
The arm harness is listed as German/gothic, but I chose it because it looks pretty similar to examples of English arm harness seen on effigies from the 15th century (or at least as far as I can tell).
The pauldrons I have are described as either 14th century, or 15th century depending on which retailer blurb you read, and are apparently based on an example from the Churburg armoury. I’ve seen other pauldrons that look like these, but mostly with German harness.
The sallet is supposed to be a recreation Coventry sallet, but doesn’t really look much like one- I was pretty disappointed after I compared it to pictures of the original. It’s a gdfb original and quality-wise it’s pretty good, but it falls short when it comes to historical accuracy. I really can’t make my mind up as to what to replace it with. I did think about a different sallet, but was also considering a kettle helm- still not 100% sure. Very grateful for any suggestions/input.
Gauntlets- pretty happy with these overall. Went for mitten gauntlets in a loosely “Italian” style because I couldn’t really seem to find any evidence for anything else in Italian or english armour.
That’s about everything- there’s a good chance I’ve accidentally left out a few details so feel free to ask as many questions as you like. Many thanks!
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2022.01.27 21:21 langell25 We've been trying to reach you.

I'm coming for you. You just have to remember.
And don’t think that we made a mistake in who to reach out to. All of the others would look away from this post. They think it’s just another story. Just another desperate Redditor trying to scare others.
That’s the point.
We knew you’d click on. We just had to be sure - because back here, where hope has been run thin, you cling to all that’s left. But you’re here now. You just have to remember.
Whatever life you think you’re living, you have to realize it’s not real. None of it is - you really think that a world this cruel and this destructive could exist? They really did a number on you. It’s like you don’t even remember Nuru, or Mother, or even me.
The others were pretty effective and smart. They thought they had sealed you inside this - this other world, and left no doors open for us to get you back. But they were too cocky. They slipped up. And we were able to send you this clear message. But we had to be effective and smart too.
None of our past messages stayed with you. They made sure of it. It was like they knew how and where we’d try. Do you remember last Monday - in the morning? You were getting ready for work in front of the mirror. You were fixing your hair when you blinked in the mirror. Except your reflection didn’t blink back.
Don’t remember it? They made sure of it. I don’t know why I thought you’d remember.
Who do they have pretending to be your partner? Or do you consider them your friend? Clarifying is not a priority, but regardless, it is humorous. They think we indulge ourselves in pointless relationships with others - but they don’t know us. What’s the point of our existence if we live in groups? Mother thought it was strange when I discovered that you didn’t live alone.
Or, at least, what you considered to be alone.
Do you remember two Wendesdays ago, it was a late night. I think you were in bed. The covers were pulled to your mid chest, the dark of the night having resided in your room. Your phone was off, laying on your sternum. You were close to falling asleep.
There was a light breeze, a small gasp of a breath, and then you felt the pressure of a single hand on your chest. It was cold, and felt as if it was trying to reach for your heart. The cold appendages that must’ve shared touch with death himself seemed to wrap around the very thing keeping you alive. The never ending thud thud thud of your heart seemed to beat against an invisible yet present being.
You’d deny it. But those were your exact thoughts. We’d remember it.
That was Nuru’s message. The connecting points between our worlds were so thin, and you’d only opened such a small pathway. They did the most that they could.
It’s funny how the others chose to disguise you as one of them. With blood constantly coursing through each vessel, pumping throughout your body, in a never ending cycle. Nuru said they had felt your heart. They could feel the muscles contracting as it took in and forced out blood. So much blood. Do you feel the blood now? As it sloshes under your skin, soaking your bones?
What would you feel if I let you see all of that blood? Dragged my claw across the skin of your throat, and let the red curtain fall? Would you remember then?
Of course, they would try to stop me before I could.
They viewed it as saving you. Protecting you from Mother - from your own blood! Who has the right to separate you from her. Or from me, and Nuru.
Mother said she got to watch you today. You didn’t even notice - so I’m sure the memory is still there. She said you looked so perfect, so still, so human. Your laptop was turned off - and I’m sure you were about to turn it on - but for the couple seconds your reflection was there, she was too.
You didn’t see her.
Do you like your eyes? Is it nice having a vessel specifically for sight? I like to imagine that the very eyes you’re reading this with are snug and embedded to your skull, and that a simple but effective yank would tear them free. Pop them off. Can you imagine? I’d even let you hold them too, before I started to fix you more.
You never looked good with that much skin.
Mother thought you were horrific when she saw you today. All of that skin - stretched out evenly over your bones? It’s like the others craved symmetry and uniformy. It was unnatural.
I hated what you became. I hate what you are.
But you don’t have to worry. I’m going to fix you.
Do you remember when you looked in the mirror this morning? You probably didn’t notice it, but your reflection was closer. It did blink when you did, even though you weren’t testing it. But when you held your hand up to your face and studied a blemish, did you see me looking over your reflection’s shoulder?
You should be happy. I’m getting stronger. I don’t need to communicate through your own reflection anymore. Nuru’s even starting to project their entire arm through a reflection, but they’re not as willing as me. They don’t know how much fixing you really need.
Those arms and those legs are the only part the others got right. Only they’re too short and stubby. My arms proceed to my kneecaps, and although we share the same number of limbs, I’m afraid yours need to be stretched out. It’s okay - I’m going to make you remember - and soon you’ll understand.
We’ll also need to make do with that hair. They tried to cover up the bumps on your head with all of that grotesque hair! These humans are so pretentious with something that’s utterly useless! Hair! Ha!
I also can’t believe that they gave you pupils. After I let you hold your own eyes, I’m going to tear out those pupils. Just to feel the squish as I pop them between my claws. To feel the juices of your torn out body parts on my own bones is something I crave. I crave to feel a destroyed human body on the crusts of my uncovered bones, soaking into them, marking the kill as mine.
Even though you’re merely pretending to be human, I guess it’ll have to do.
Mother thinks you’re too far gone. She says that you left our world on your own.
But you wouldn’t do that. Right?
She says you thought I was going to kill you. She said you fled. Left me to rot.
I can’t believe you left me. You tried to find salvation in a seemingly untouchable world.
Did you really think hiding in some human world was going to save you? The others can’t protect you with ignorance any longer. You have to remember. I want you to understand my pain before I drive my claw through your chest and feel exactly what Nuru described to me.
You think I wanted to save you? Nuru did at first, but I convinced them. But they could so much as barely touch your chest before they had to go back. Mother could only watch you - but I think she’s even coming around.
Don’t you understand? We had to test the waters of how much the others could really detect us. See how far their powers went before showing all that we could really do. The reflections that connect our worlds were always such brief interactions, but now we know how powerless you humans really are. It’s almost funny how you thought you had escaped.
Ignorance will not be your salvation.
But I’m not going to kill you. I’m going to cause your death. I want you to feel my claws in your back, ticking off the vertebrates on your spine with the tip of my nail. I want you to feel your blood staining your neck red. I want you to hold your own eyes before I slice that pathetic head off your disgraceful fake human body.
I sense you’re wanting to stop reading. It doesn’t matter. I’ve stalled you for long enough. I’m already here.
I can sense the uncertainty. You don’t believe me. Do you think this is just another fake nosleep story? Are you really that gullible? You’re just thinking what the others want you to think.
Go ahead. Turn off your device. See your reflection.
Do you see me?
I see you.
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2022.01.27 21:21 Tenjonking_Senpaii Philippines dismisses bid to stop Marcos Jr. from entering 2022 Elections

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2022.01.27 21:21 Sir-tenlee Please send help, my gardenias leaves have slowly been turning yellow!

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2022.01.27 21:21 Mynewsify-Website FCC revokes China Unicom’s authorization to operate in U.S, Latest News

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2022.01.27 21:21 lumfin Selecting/adding multiple objects as children?

Greetings; When adding children to an object, is there a way to select multiple objects instead of clicking through the (+) thing for every single thing that I want to parent? I've tried everything and asking el Google didn't help me out either, so maybe one of you can?
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2022.01.27 21:21 MosaicBois And a cat mosaic too!

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2022.01.27 21:21 Successful_Line6987 !

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2022.01.27 21:21 MixingWizzard What are the potential downsides to declaring a loss on a tax return?

Hey all,
I'm doing a very last minute tax return for 2020-2021. Like many other self-employed people it wasn't exactly a good year for me (I was mostly living on savings). About half way through my expenses spreadsheet I realised I was very much under the tax allowance, even taking into account my SEISS grant.
I now have a decision to make. I can either continue to list my expenses, and possibly end up in minus figures, or just leave enough on there to avoid any tax but leave my net income figure relatively healthy looking.
I'm just worried how this would affect my ability to rent in future, as they often ask for returns as proof of income. I've found that estate agents really don't like dealing with self-employed people in general (my last two have asked for 6 months of rent in advance!). I know I'm pretty much out of the run for a mortgage in the next few years so I'm not holding out hope for that. Does it affect your credit rating at all?
Any input would be appreciated, I imagine there are a few people in a similar situation right now.
Thanks, MixingWizzard
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2022.01.27 21:21 nemesisknoxville Help keeping subject in focus with adapted lens on Gh5s while filming

Hi everyone,
I recently got a Gh5s and so far I'm amazed by its image quality. But one thing I'm struggling with is the autofocus. I came from the Canon 80d, so I already had a few lenses, the one I use the most is the Sigma 18-38mm f1.8 Art lens. I'm using that lens with a Metabones speedbooster, which gives me amazing image quality but the autofocus gets pretty bad. I've seen some videos of the autofocus compared between native glass and adapted glass and it's night and day, native glass autofocus is way better.
But right now that's the setup I'm stuck with and I can't afford getting a panasonic lens.
I want to be able to keep myself on focus while filming talking head shots, or stuff in tinkering with. Manual focus isn't an option as this is a one man operation and my hands are busy with my tinkering and I can't adjust focus myself when doing talking heads.
I could lower my aperture, but I still want to keep the background blurry and there's only so much light I can throw at myself without blinding me. Hahha
So my question is, are there any tips I can use to improve this situation a bit usingy current setup?
I thought about setting the camera to f3.x or something. My idea is to set the aperture to a point that wouldn't get too dark and I'd still be in focus if I move back and forth naturally while talking, while maintaining some blurriness in the background.
But I'm not too sure about it.
Thanks in advance for the help.
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2022.01.27 21:21 bunsofham [USA-CA] [H] Evga 3070 ti xc3, Open Air MATX/ITX Montif-like case, AirPods 2nd generation w/APPLECARE, [W] PayPal, local cash

Evga xc3 3070ti LHR - This is about a month old. I was going to use this in one of my builds but plans changed. Used about 3 times. Unregistered warranty so it is ready for a new buyer. I will send over the original invoice as well. $950 local, will ship for extra. If you are building a SFF pc with a nr200p or ncase m1 with a corsair PSU hit me up and I can throw in custom cables from Pslatecustoms.com. Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/QzW1tEV/
AirPods - these are about a month old used just a couple of times. AppleCare+ is included as well as a new Spigen case. These are the 2nd generation non wireless charging case. $105 shipped, Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/xvfJjhI/
This case is about 6 months old and in great condition. $100 local or will ship for cost. Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/tRQfByk/
Local is 92694
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2022.01.27 21:21 bbrown69 WYR have a one night stand with Gal Gadot or Scarlett Johansson?

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2022.01.27 21:21 HallowedJinx Girlfriend custom

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2022.01.27 21:21 Videogameguy123 I fap medically.

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