ds97e eznhk aba89 6a5d3 k867b 64t5a 48t45 37rdd 4df5b f2d95 5i3ze 5r8kf 9bdt6 8f4ni 7erb8 shyyh kktb9 36n2e zzh4d d2i6b z3fa5 Anyone hooked on "How We Change/Finale"? |

Anyone hooked on "How We Change/Finale"?

2022.01.27 20:40 JeR2-D2 Anyone hooked on "How We Change/Finale"?

Wasn't a huge fan of all the songs as I was watching, but man do I love the last song "How We Change/Finale" as I feel like it's such a great piece of music and the harmonies of the whole cast together as well as the upbeat reprise of the main theme I find myself jamming out a lot to this!
Anyone else feel the same??
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2022.01.27 20:40 Evening-Home-1485 Joshua Hibbard Experience

Hi all, I had a very negative experience with Josh during a consult. He made me feel like an inferior collector, less than, and had a holier-than-thou attitude. I'm wondering if anyone else had a bad feeling or if I'm in the minority?
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2022.01.27 20:40 bestmaxalive My Original characters just chilling

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2022.01.27 20:40 Wilde48 Gata

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2022.01.27 20:40 TheAmbientKeep An Ominous Place | Vizima - Temple Quarter | Music and Ambience

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2022.01.27 20:40 Geoleaaa Goodwill increases prices like crazy😮‍💨

Does someone from Florida, mostly around Orlando, knows a Goodwill store that is not insanely increasing their prices? Me and my mom would go to the store in our city almost every week, and know they just increased the prices for everything.
Last week I went to goodwill with my mom and we paid 11 dollars for a side table that would match perfectly with the dinner table, and then when we were waiting for them to get the table the manager said to me that the price was wrong, it said 11 dollars in the tag and even had the name of the item and the color it was, and them he said to me that it was 55 dollars. He also said that someone must have changed the tag and looked at me in a way that I knew that he was implying that I had changed. We got our money back and won't be coming back there. How could they try to sell a side table that was full of scratches, we were going to fix the table, and it was not in a really good shape, for 55 dollars? They are insane right now. Last month we got a table and 6 chair for 13 dollars 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ how could the prices change like that?
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2022.01.27 20:40 YorjYefferson Front 242 - Commando Mix [9:35]

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2022.01.27 20:40 joe_khaJiit G4TV

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2022.01.27 20:40 polishhottie69 I-10 by airport smells like weed?

This has been bugging me for a while. Why does the I-10 by the 24th st exit (SW of Sky Harbor) smell like weed? It’s like that every day
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2022.01.27 20:40 dembabaa 💋

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2022.01.27 20:40 AlienHooman Getting Drunk after the gym tonight but wait there's more getting moreee beer tonight. Maybe getting hammered?

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2022.01.27 20:40 Kitchen_Courage_8594 PC restarts randomly on only certain games

SPECS: Mother board: AsRock b550 steel legend CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X GPU: Zotac Gaming RTX 3060 Cooler: NZXT kraken X53 RAM: T-Force Delta DDR4 at 3600MHZ Storage: WD blue SN570 1TB
So this is my first PC build and everything works as it should except I have a restarting issue at random times. I’m able to play MOST games under load with everything maxed out at 1080P with no issue 100+FPS. The only games I haven’t been able to play are Apex Legends and The Hunt Showdown. I can’t even get into the main menu of the game without it restarting and I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading and still no luck. Temps are fine. And it doesn’t strike it as a PSU issue considering I can play literally all of my other games that are high demanding in usage with no problem. It’s only those 2 games like I said I can’t even get into the main menu of the games without it restarting. THINGS I’VE DONE. 1. Disabled Auto Restart in windows 2. Checked for windows updates 3. Updated GPU to the latest drivers 4. Checked for bad temps and they are fine 5. I ran a malware check and I was good on that
Is there something that I am missing or need to do?
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2022.01.27 20:40 EddieHappy18 Question

Has anyone thrown up from Lexapro cause if the nausea?
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2022.01.27 20:40 callum521 Shizuna background requested by Shizreya :D

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2022.01.27 20:40 TrafficVegetable 🏥 Medi Token

ERC-20 (ETH) Token which launched on the 15th of Jan. low MC of 200k currently offering a great opportunity.
Medi Token is a charity token focused on doing charity work and donations WORLDWIDE in the healthcare sector and community. Donations and charity work will be decided by the community.
First donation completed giving medical supplies to people in need in the Philippines.
One P2E game has been developed already with finishing touches taking place. Several others currently being worked on.

🏥 Medi Tokenomics 🏥
🔴1000Quad max supply

🔴11% Transaction fee:
1% ~ Burn 🔥
1% ~ Liquidity 🚰
1% ~ Reflections 💰
3% ~ Charity wallet ❤️‍🩹
5% ~ Dev/Marketing wallet💻📊

🔴Future utility planned…
-Medi Blockchain
-Medi Wallet
-Medi Hub
-Medi Connect
-Medi Fit

Doxxed Team 😎
Locked Liquidity 🔒
Passed audit ✅

Contract📃 0x24b20da7a2fa0d1d5afcd693e1c8afff20507efd

Website: www.meditoken.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Medi_Token
Telegram: http://t.me/medi_token
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2022.01.27 20:40 TheFoieMonty IL wc Uber reimbursement

Hello all,
I have an ongoing open case with work comp for the last 2 years. Still waiting for surgery to fix what another hospital messed up but Im curious about reimbursement policies.
I wasn't aware I could be reimbursed for ubers this whole time and I have about 50 ubers that I would like to be reimbursed for. Is this a possibility even though some are from 2020?
Am I still legally allowed to file for reimbursement of these since my case is still open/ongoing?
Thanks. Y'all have been extremely helpful since this whole process is dogshit and no one really has an answer from wc when you need it.
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2022.01.27 20:40 just-tit-dirt On a scale of 0-100, how important is it to you that you spend time outside (ideally in ‘nature’) each day?

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2022.01.27 20:40 CatTuff Mobile home park near Mahan/Weems

Talking about the place kind of set back off the road, between the Shell and the Wells Fargo. Does anyone know what is going on there? For a few weeks now it looks like some of the mobile homes are just gone and the three-ish that remain look like they've been gutted. Doors are always open, spray painted, and a bunch of personal items are just laying out everywhere. Plus I've noticed a big increase in the homeless population nearby, it's very sad :( I know that other mobile home park has been in the news lately because some Evil Vampire bought it and raised rent dramatically, but from what I can tell it has no relation to the one near Weems.
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2022.01.27 20:40 Subscribe2257 How’s the integrated Media arts graduate program?

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2022.01.27 20:40 Bayonettafanbb Incredibly important bayo chart

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2022.01.27 20:40 evan_lolz Every single time

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2022.01.27 20:40 Tad_Isolated Quicken updates then tells me I have to reinstall

My membership expired so I bought a new license and went to activate on the web per the "activation card". quicken.com/activate tells you to run the app and enter the code (so much for the card...)
Quicken updates at start up and then tells me I can't use the version it updated to so I have to reinstall it in order to enter the license code... What?
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2022.01.27 20:40 Wayward_Prometheus Jan Blachowicz vs. Aleksandar Rakic scratched from UFC Columbus

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2022.01.27 20:40 iceNkold IC-4 not pairing with Garmin Epix 2

Does anyone have issue with pairing new Garmin Epix 2 with IC-4 bike?
My former watch, 945 LTE was spot on and did not have any issues, new Epix 2 finds my bike, but is unable to pair with it and is stuck at the connect attempts. Greatly appreciate any help or direction how to complete pairing of both devices.
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2022.01.27 20:40 ShawnW2000 FT- 5 IV Buneary breedjects in Love Balls LF- Aprimons

I will also take Apriballs
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