All New GameStop App!

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2022.01.27 20:20 Kglugenbeel All New GameStop App!

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2022.01.27 20:20 baltimoresports Gaming Chromebooks Running Steam Are Reportedly On the Way

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2022.01.27 20:20 Ok_Set9366 Is it dying?

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2022.01.27 20:20 JustPassinhThrou13 Could Amon waterbend / bloodbend the fire out of a dragon? Or the flight out of a sky bison?

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2022.01.27 20:20 Tel-aran-rhiod What expectations did you have before trying psychedelics? And how many of them were accurate?

So I've taken a fair few psychedelics over time - experimenting most heavily with mescaline...but also LSD, LSA, shrooms, salvia, ketamine, and a dud experience with Yopo/Cebil snuff. Yet to try DMT, haven't felt called to yet.
Anyway, was just thinking about what I used to think psychedelics would be like before I ever tried them...which was mostly based on a combination of pop culture and reading aggrandized Erowid trip reports. I'm curious to know what everyone else expected, and how/if it was different when you tried it?
The main thing for me comes from the visuals aspect - I think I expected there to be full-blown lucid visual hallucinations, where I could see things that weren't there, clear as day, just the same as with my sober waking eyes. Despite some heavy doses of the above, it hasn't really happened that way at all - what I've noticed is that things come as "visions" that aren't exactly visual...more conceptual and experiential and internally perceived/visualised than actually seen with your eyes. And it becomes more synesthetic, like, there will be some actual visual distortions, but sight itself seems to merge with other senses and with your thoughts to create constructs of experience that don't necessarily feel entirely internal or external. And also, you're usually high as fuck, so the lucidity element often isn't there either. But that's not really what pop culture references or Erowid trip reports might lead you to believe...and maybe it actually is different for other people, or with other drugs, I dunno.
Anyway, how about y'all?
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2022.01.27 20:20 cyclingthroughlife Visiting Medina next week and have some general questions

Hi All
I'm visiting Medina next week for a few days on business from San Francisco. First time visiting Saudi Arabia, so I'm looking forward to this.
I wanted to ask a few questions for my planning purposes

  1. What are the transportation options to the hotel? (the sponsor is booking our hotels, but I haven't receive that information yet). Is there Uber or Lyft service, or is taxi the preferred way to go to the hotel (and around in general)?
  2. Will I be able to get around town with English?
  3. I have one free day to tour (not a lot of time unfortunately). What must see places or things should I go to or try?
  4. For those of you who have taken a PCR test, what testing facilities have a under 24 hour turnaround? I need something under a day in order to get back on a plane to San Francisco. I think this is the one that stresses me out the most.
Thank you everyone in advance for your answers. I look forward to visiting your beautiful city!
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2022.01.27 20:19 Adman87 How does local coop work?

I just want to play Minecraft or a kart racer with my kids but we spend more time trying to get controllers to work rather than play. All the controllers are connected to the Xbox but why does it make you sign into guest accounts? Why does it seem like when you switch games then the guest accounts and controllers seem to not work anymore? I’m surprised on how not intuitive it is. What am I missing?
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2022.01.27 20:19 AshleyChalfant88 About how much will it cost...

^ I have everything from ch 1 & ch 2 so I'm wondering if anyone can predict the cost of the building and character guy on ch 3. I don't even know if I can rack up enough points as I'm lacking on a lot of supporting characters but if yall think ch 3 will be really expensive I'm not gonna bother waste my time
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2022.01.27 20:19 WhenIDecide pset4 recover. While loop segmentation faults after first jpeg is found/created.

In the debugger it seems to run fine until it finds/creates the first jpeg file, then the next time it reads into the buffer it suffers a segmentation fault.
I've been working on this code for like 15 hours across a week, and have rewritten it completely a half dozen times. This problem has completely shaken any faith I had that I understand how pointers or the fread/fwrite functions work. Please save me.

include include include
define BLOCK_SIZE 512 typedef uint8_t BYTE;
// Recovers deleted jpegs. int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { // Prompts proper usage. if (argc != 2) { printf("Usage: ./recover file.raw.\n"); return 1; } // Opens input file for reading or returns error. char *infile = argv[1]; FILE *rawcard = fopen(infile, "r"); if (rawcard == NULL) { printf("Could not open raw file.\n"); return 1; } char filename[8]; // Array for filenames up to 999. FILE *output = NULL; BYTE buffer[BLOCK_SIZE]; // 512. int count = 0; // Interates through file in 512 byte chunks. while (fread(buffer, 1, BLOCK_SIZE, rawcard) == BLOCK_SIZE) { // Checks in start of jpeg file. if (buffer[0] == 0xff && buffer[1] == 0xd8 && buffer[2] == 0xff && (buffer[3] & 0xf0) == 0xe0) { // Creates new file if not first jpeg. if (count > 0) { fclose(output); sprintf(filename, "%03i.jpeg", count); output = fopen(filename, "w"); fwrite(buffer, sizeof(buffer), 1, output); count++; } // Creates first file if jpeg. if (count == 0) { sprintf(filename, "%03i.jpeg", count); output = fopen(filename, "w"); fwrite(buffer, sizeof(buffer), 1, output); count++; } } // If at least on file made and not a new jpeg, continues writing. else if (count > 0) { fwrite(buffer, sizeof(buffer), 1, output); } } // Closes open files. fclose(output); fclose(rawcard); return 0; }!<
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2022.01.27 20:19 ThrowawayFargoND Antiwork's self-destruction was the best thing that could have happened for this movement

I browsed antiwork pretty much every single day, all the way back to when it was a tiny sub. The quality of it's content and messaging had declined to almost zero over the last few months. The sub itself was one giant Doreen.
When antiwork started, it was 90%+ posts discussing a literal post-work society. It often delved into theory on the matter, and was quite dry. As a leftist, I was captivated by the idea of abolishing work at some point in human evolution. What is the purpose of societies in general if not to improve the human experience? It really did feel like it unlocked something in my mind that pushed me to explore so many new ideas.
At no point was I under the impression that the sub was meant for discussing real-world labor issues, but it slowly shifted to that and I took an interest there as well. It seemed like an awesome application of some of the ideas that I had picked up. But it quickly disintegrated into memes, fake texts, and generally complaints about specific work environments. It had been off the rails for months.
So I'm excited I found this sub, and for the opportunity of reestablishing the purpose of this movement. Generally:

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2022.01.27 20:19 WellImHereIGues [LFA] (Repost) Looking for artist to draw my Warforge Forge Cleric, Vi Ironframe, who’s hiding that she’s a robot.

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2022.01.27 20:19 SaulkSpacca From 1 to 10, which grade you give. I know islands a bit small but with more details. I hope 😅

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2022.01.27 20:19 CaptainC_RBLX HK VP9

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2022.01.27 20:19 NewsElfForEnterprise Scituate Residents Prepare For Strong Winds, High Tides Ahead Of Nor’easter

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2022.01.27 20:19 redraven Let There Be Light - something a little different, visuals for my circus show created in Blender.

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2022.01.27 20:19 exhausted_person let’s be spotify moots !!

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2022.01.27 20:19 BenCarney17 How to spice up rice?

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2022.01.27 20:19 890R Virginia governor putting teachers in their place, publicly ousted and potentially jailed.

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2022.01.27 20:19 Strange_Ad_8908 Chronic pain drives my sex addiction

I have a history of sexual abuse as a child so I try and jump past any excuses for my feelings and behavior and assume all that I am about to write about is more or less a problem with me but I have to get it out somehow.
I had a back injury that has really fucked with my head. I live with chronic pain everyday but am thankful to have escaped the type of pain that was going to cause me to kill myself. The problem is that I have had this injury for years and always been in a lot of pain and used sex as a way to manage the pain. My PTSD also causes a great deal of physical pain due to always being tense, and tired from a lack of sleep.
These days I spend nights crying my eyes out, breathless, experiencing sheer panic for hours. Constant thoughts of suicide and a pounding heart are normal for me.
Though I have been with my wife for 8 years and love her dearly, there has always been a wall that I can't seem to work around when it comes to sex. For years I have felt distant from her and yearned for more of a connection with her, wanting fire and passion and obsession with each other. Fun games, fantasies, pushing each others boundaries while getting lost in each other. All things I am use to in a sexual partner, but she is inaccessible. It does not matter what I do, I just can't seem to get her to let those walls down, to let me in and help me feel like I am not all alone on a rock flying through the darkness towards my inevitable death...
I am way more sexually experienced and adventurous than her but it wouldn't matter to me at all if I could just have a connection... so without that connection I am feeling like I am some seriously fucked up individual to be dieing inside feeling like something is missing. She is great, I love her, have no interest is looking elsewhere, but can't help but feel...
For reals, how the hell could I have a problem... she is incredible 😍... so obviously I am fucked up in the head right? She is everything else I wanted other than this so why can't I just meet her where she is at even if it is no where near where I am?
It doesn't help that since our son was born a few months ago, she has had a prolapse and I guess we're never going to have sex again...
How am I suppose to do this? Sex addiction was hard enough to deal with when I could have sex but now with nothing...?????? I just feel so fucked for not ever getting fucked again 😪
I have a big dick and know how to use it, know how to take my time and listen to a woman's feedback, how to warm her up and get in her mind at the same time, but now I have been told that I have sex "way too hard and women don't like it like that even if they say they do" according to her. After being with her for 8 years and cutting out most everything I like from dirty talk, to foreplay, to sex that is ACTUALLY hard, idk what I can do to accommodate her more. Honestly, idk how much longer I'll even be able to have sex period which is terrifying all on its own, but now being told I pretty much am incompatable as a sex partner, I am so depressed I can't hardly manage not to cry all day. I push it all down, but can't stop feeling so sad inside.
A few weeks ago, she asked me what would make me happy because I have been suffering from terrible depression and all I wanted to tell her was "I want an incredible sex life while I still can", but that would open up a can of worms so terrible I actually think about how best to kill myself rather than tell her a truth that once told, will do utterly nothing to help me and likely just make things worse. So the problem must be with me right????
I am a sex crazed, degenerate who is stuck in a self loathing quagmire of self pity. I am selfish, I am mean, I am truly a piece of shit and wish I would just die so I could have my most selfish of desires which is to stop hurting physically and emotionally.
A good man, a good husband, a good lover would not feel self pity, wouldn't want more, would find a way to live a sexless marriage and be happy. If I was normal and not fucked in the head I wouldn't be having a panic attack all day day after day, night afternight because I NEED this person to give themselves to me, to crave, me, to lust after me...
I feel so fucking stuck with no where to go on this. I love my kids so I HAVE to find a way to make this work with her and be happy but idk how. If I don't, she will absolutely kick me out if I make this a problem.
I am the problem. I am the problem. I am the problem.
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2022.01.27 20:19 _Strive4Greatness My Top 10 Silky Streams of 2021. Jerry, what’s your Top 5?

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2022.01.27 20:19 ReformedLoneRanger Loki after I told him NOT to jump up on the dresser.

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2022.01.27 20:19 DirtyDoeBoii Yeah

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2022.01.27 20:19 accountname789 How do you feel about President Biden limiting the search pool for the new SCOTUS Justice to ONLY black females?

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2022.01.27 20:19 Unknownpersona1111 Do you want to get confused today? ICP & Taxes WTF!
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2022.01.27 20:19 Captainbuttram Recent update bugged the planes

So they shadow nerfed the planes which is fine they needed some tuning. Problem is now certain squads are just untargetable by the planes. Anyone else experience this issue?
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